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Flow Media Marketing operates multiple different media properties, including the following:


A Men's Lifestyle site dedicated to helping busy men who love to travel. We provide content including tips, advice, entertainment and product features to help him at home, at work, and on the road for business and leisure.


A male blogger network that includes hundreds of the top male bloggers. The community includes content and comradery to help male influencers network and grow, while also working with brands to develop unique and enging campaigns to leverage those audiences.

New Blogging Perspectives and Twice the Fun When Couples Blog Together

couples who blog melissa daniel

The blogger world continues to evolve!

Years ago we witnessed the "Mom Blogger" revolution as brands began to seek out influential moms with large social followings to help them promote their products. Later, as brands looked to broaden the perspectives and types of content, "Dad Bloggers" and "Men's Lifestyle" bloggers became popular. Now, these talented men and women are forming blogger power couples where brands can engage a team to work with to create incredibly engaging content to share with their social communities.

Just like any blogger, these married blogger power couples can take a variety of different forms. For some blogger couples, they share single blog but communicate through seperate social handles. For others, the partners may have their own sites but help promote each other and lend their voices and unique perspectives to the topics of interest. Either way, what we find is that the content produced is highly engaging and sponsors benefit since they can get even more exposure from different perspectives.

Introducing #CouplesWhoBlog ...

We are launching #CouplesWhoBlog at CES with a partnership between two blogger couples - Daniel and Melissa from ConsumerQueen.com and Heather and James from ChickVacations.com and ManTripping.com.

Follow along as we explore CES 2015 ...

Thanks to Huawei, this quartet is going to be exploring CES 2015 and sharing the latest and greatest new products and tech trends. This coverage will be shared not just from a man's or woman's perspective, but a 360 perspective crossing multiple different genres. What we have in common is that we love to explore new places, try new things, and share those experiences with our communities. By working together, we can all share this greatness while helping brands reach new audiences as well!

You can follow along by visiting #CWBCES on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or by visiting this page for a live social feed ...


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Social Marketing Services

We look forward to working with you to develop an integrated social media marketing strategy that works for your business.

Our Social Marketing Services Include:

Social Media Coaching and Training

Our Coaching and Training services can range from a one-time review of a social strategy to weekly phone sessions, we look forward to providing you with the support to maximize your internal investment.

PR & Influencer Relations

From traditional PR / Public Relations services such as writing press releases and pitching media to working with bloggers and social influencers to spread your message we can develop a strategy that works for your business.

Social Media Community Management

Even though your cousin can "do Facebook" that isn't enough. Today's social media channels require a strategy and constant management. 

Social Media Measurement and ROI Analysis

The difference between "Social Media" and "Social Marketing" is that with a marketing plan you need to be able to predict outcomes and measure results so that you can make improvements during and after each campaign. This data-driven approach to social media marketing is what has lead our clients to see the value of social media to their organizations.

Content Marketing

This is more than just writing blog posts, for Content Marketing to work properly a business needs to consider who they are trying to reach, what / when / where / how that audience wants to consume that content, and how to reach them. We can help you figure that out as well as produce excellent content to draw people to your site and build your brand.


Attention Agencies: we also are available to work as a sub-contractor to augment your existing services and resources.

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Social Media Coaching to Drive Measurable Results

Social Media Coaching

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Community Management

Engaging Your Community with Owned, Earned, & Paid Media.

Community Management

Owned, Earned, or Paid ... a strong Social Community needs strategy, content and management to succeed.

Influencer Relations

Influencer Relations & Management of those Relationships.

Influencer Relations

From Twitter parties to guest bloggers, we can help build strong relationships with key social media influencers.

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Measurement & ROI

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