community-managementFlow Social Media staff have managed social media communities ranging from a few hundred passionate fans to tens of millions of active customers.

One of the most critical challenges with community management is identifying which platforms will be the most valuable for your business and how your audience wants to engage there. It isn't good enough to simply take your Facebook content and re-post it on Google+ for instance. Instead it is critical for a company to take that content and adapt it properly.

Similarly, in addition to creating the correct content for each social network we work to help you identify the right audience that will engage with that content to get the results you need to grow your business.

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How Cruise Ships Can Make Money from Onboard Social Media

I'm really excited that most of the major cruise line companies seem to be working on ways to bring affordable, unlimited Internet packages to their ships. Sure, it may not happen tomorrow for every ship in the fleet but this is the sort of thing that can be a paradigm shift for the cruise industry in terms of revenue management onboard. 

While many of these ideas listed below are directly transferable to on-premises social media ideas for resorts and hotels, what makes cruise ships an even more powerful platform is that they are typically self contained entities that exist almost exclusively to upsell the guests - excursions, drinks, specialty dining, pictures, gift shops, and even getting people to book their next voyage before they disembark.

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Are your Social Media Efforts a Benefit or Annoyance?

As amazing and awesome as your business may be, it is important to consider what messages you distribute to them and when as well as where you do it. For instance, in this photo above these beach vendors are interupting people while they are relaxing on a beach in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. While certainly they will sell a few trinkets it is an intrusion and a disruption ... just as many 

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