blogger relationsSocial Media influencers are more important today than at any time in the past.

Five years ago, it was good enough to send out a press release blast and hope the media would pick it up. Today, the consumer isn't just limited to the newspaper or even TV, they are social and trust bloggers and social influencers for recomendations and ideas. The media isn't dumb either and many reporters follow these influencers looking for fresh ideas too.

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Five Tips for Planning an Awesome Blogger Fam Trip

5 Tips for how to plan an awesome and successful blogger Fam Trip ; #SocialMedia

Blogger fams are all the rage right now and I have been on my fair share of them through Man Tripping. Most of them are fantastic experiences where I get to network with fellow bloggers and social media "gurus" while producing valuable social media content for the destinations. Almost every trip that I have been on though could have made a greater impact for the destination by following these five tips.

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