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December 09, 2015

How To Make Sure Your Sponsored Content Still Has Soul

Category: Blogger & Influencer Relations Author: James Hills
I'll admit it ... I was once a firm advocate of the "old way" of doing PR. You know, that practice of reaching out with what you know is an earth shattering piece of news and hoping that the media would be willing to write about it and share how awesome your brand is. Sadly those days are long over and we live in a new media paradigm where professional media organizations have been largely replaced with bloggers and even those that still exist tend to rely heavily on sponsored content. This includes formats ranging from talkshows to corporate blogs like Mashable and even publishers like Condé…
Local Bloggers and Social Media Influencer Tips
Feb 19, 2015 9084

Tips For Planning Local Blogger and Social Media Influencer Events

There are a lot of times when we focus on national brands with massive potential reach and geography isn't important. However, it's also important to think about how to reach local people through social media and blogger relations too. After all, chances are that your business thrives on people…
How Cruise Ships Can Make Money from Onboard Social Media
Dec 11, 2014 11267

How Cruise Ships Can Make Money from Onboard Social Media

I'm really excited that most of the major cruise line companies seem to be working on ways to bring affordable, unlimited Internet packages to their ships. Sure, it may not happen tomorrow for every ship in the fleet but this is the sort of thing that can be a paradigm shift for the cruise industry…
How to Run a Sucessful Surprise and Delight Campaign
Oct 16, 2014 8110

How to Run a Surprise and Delight Campaign on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook

Sweepstakes can be scary and complex since they often require complex rules and that means legal needs to be involved. Surprise and Delight campaigns on social media though can be super easy to execute if you follow the steps below. NOTE: Social Media policies on different networks may change at…
How to Get Noticed by Brands as a Startup Blogger
Sep 13, 2014 33052

10 Things a Startup Blogger can Do to Get Noticed by Brands

Blogging often has a high turnover because honestly it is a lot of work and it isn't something sustainable for a lot of people. As such, there are alway new bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters rising up through the ranks looking to make a name for themselves. While some simply want to write about…
Default Image
Sep 07, 2014 5546

What are Travel Brands Looking for When Working With Bloggers

As a travel blogger at, this is something I have wondered about for a while - what exactly are the travel brands looking for from me and why are they sending me on "free" trips, sending swag, and inviting me out to dine at fancy restaurants. It seems like a strange question to ask…

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