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  • Social Media Training & Coaching

    social-coachingSocial Media Coaching services by Flow Social Media are designed to offer clients a way to maximize their social media results by providing expert advice distributed through a combination of phone and skype consultations combined with social media templates that your staff can use with our training.

    We offer personalized consulting as part of an ongoing retainer, a block of hours, or individually if you simply need someone to take a look at your program and provide feedback.

    This service is perfect for those organizations that may already have an in-house marketing manager or other employee who handles the other marketing functions but needs assistance, guidence, and training with executing a social media campaign, identifying influencers, or creating content for social channels, blogs etc. 


    Social Media Training & Coaching Services:

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  • ROI Measurement & Analytics

    It is critical that any social media marketing strategy have clear objectives and a realistic measurement plan. We can help organize that as well as provide guidence on tools and technologies that can be used to monitor results.

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  • Blogger & Influencer Relations

    blogger relationsSocial Media influencers are more important today than at any time in the past.

    Five years ago, it was good enough to send out a press release blast and hope the media would pick it up. Today, the consumer isn't just limited to the newspaper or even TV, they are social and trust bloggers and social influencers for recomendations and ideas. The media isn't dumb either and many reporters follow these influencers looking for fresh ideas too.

    We can help you reach these bloggers and social influencers effectively.


    Blogger & Social Infuencer Relations Support:

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  • Social Media Community Management

    community-managementFlow Social Media staff have managed social media communities ranging from a few hundred passionate fans to tens of millions of active customers.

    One of the most critical challenges with community management is identifying which platforms will be the most valuable for your business and how your audience wants to engage there. It isn't good enough to simply take your Facebook content and re-post it on Google+ for instance. Instead it is critical for a company to take that content and adapt it properly.

    Similarly, in addition to creating the correct content for each social network we work to help you identify the right audience that will engage with that content to get the results you need to grow your business.

    Social Media Community Management Services:



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